The web site for Robert Buttrick and Project Workout Limited.
The web site for Robert Buttrick and Project Workout Limited
The web site for Robert Buttrick and Project Workout Limited


The Project Workout is the flag ship publication on business-led project management and has been translated into a number of languages, with almost 20 editions published. Robert Buttrick is also a co-author of the latest PRINCE2 and a contributor to Gower's handbooks and other business references.

The Project Workout

4th edition, Robert Buttrick

The "flagship" publication on business led project management available in a number of different languages, world wide. This will tell you the basic principles behind project management, how to run a single project and how to run many projects. This is a must for anyone serious about business-led project management.

Gestion de Projets

5th edition Robert Buttrick

Un guide complet et didactique pour apprendre la gestion de projets. De la conception à la clôture du projet, en passant par le planning, les finances, la mise en oeuvre et la gestion des risques, toutes les étapes sont explicitées.


An updated French language version of The Project Workout, fourth edition, with links to a special resources site, published by Pearson


Korean, Chinese and Russian editions

Robert Buttrick

The publication rights for other language editions have been sold including those for Russian, Korean and Chinese.

PRINCE2 2017

Robert Buttrick, Nigel Bennett and Phillip Stanton

A new edition of PRINCE focussing on how to tailor and apply the processes in themes in practice.

Gower Handbook of Programme Management

2nd edition.

Robert Butrick contributed the chapter on programme management processes.

Various business reference books

Contributor of project management content to Business the Ultimate Resource and the Good Small Business Guide, by Bloomsbury.

Role of the Executive Project Sponsor

Financial Times, Robert Buttrick

One of the first books on sponsorship - part of the FT Executive Briefing series.

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Project Workout News

UK Government launches Project Delivery Standard. Hear interviews with Robert Butttrick and download the standard from the government's knowledge hub.


PRINCE2 2017 launched; co-authored by Robert Buttrick; you can download a free copy of one of his chapters on tailoring.


See the Project Workout blog covering a wide range of project management topics.


For a sample method, cartoons, information on standards and professional bodies, go to the “Community”.

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