The web site for Robert Buttrick and Project Workout Limited.
The web site for Robert Buttrick and Project Workout Limited
The web site for Robert Buttrick and Project Workout Limited


Fundamentally speaking . . . .

Here are four articles, adapted from lessons in Part One of the Project Workout, which set the scene for business-led project management.

Business driven projects

Project Manager Today

Part 1concentrates on the business drivers for any project. It looks at ensuring the right projects are initiated to realize the benefits the business needs.

Why use a staged approach?

Project Manager Today

Part 2 takes us back to looking at why we need a staged approach to directing and managing projects.

Project lifecycles

Project Manager Today

Part 3 looks at three aspects of the project lifecycle.

Resourcing and appling project techniques

Project Manager Today

Part 4 looks at the problems of resourcing and applying project techniques.

Effective sponsorship

Research now indicates that many projects fail “top down” due to a lack of effective project sponsorship. Here are some articles which highlight the key issues you need to take into account.

The sponsor as a business leader

Project Manager Today

Part 1concentrates the accountablility a sponsor has as a leader.

The sponsor's three roles

Project Manager Today

Part 2 examines three key roles for a sponsor: leader, change agent and decision maker.

Who is a sponsor accountable to?

Project Manager Today

A sponsor must be accountable to someone . . . but who?

Working with the project manager

Project Manager Today

The relationship between the sponsor and the project manager should be understood and constructive, or the result might be failure.

It's about people

Project Manager Today

No matter how good your strategy or plan, if you don't pay attention to the people, you'll have a lot of problems.

Business performance and portfolio management

This is probably one of the hottest topics. Now you know how to direct and manage your projects, how do you ensure you select the right ones to do in the first place?

Excellence is not enough

APM Year Book

This articles tells you why excellence in project management is not enough to create a successful business.

Which projects?

Project World Conference

Different ways you can select the projects you need to meet your business needs. Co-authoried with John Anderson.

Sponsorship, leadership and portfolio management

Evaluation Centre

The importance of good sponsorship

What is project success?

Project Workout

Success needs to be more than just the "iron traingle"; this article explains why.


Projects and risk go hand in hand. You cannot achieve anything without taking risks. Deciding on an acceptable level of risk is key.

Risk simulation

PMT’s 9th Risk Management Conference

This paper looks at four “simulation” techniques include using Conditions of Satisfaction, staged frameworks, health checks and probabilistic methods. All these seek to simulate, in tools, taxonomy or models, the project from the Project Board perspective.


Harnessing a staged approach

Effective Programme and Project management conference

Why a staged approach to undertaking projects (lifecycle) is probably your most effective way to manage overall risk.

Project Workout News

The Programme and Portfolio Workout, 1st edition launched! Read all about it.


Interview with Robert Buttrick from PM World Jornal


How does BS6079:2019 compare with PRINCE2? Read the AXELOS article to find out.


Two articles on project life cycles: one published in PM World Journal and the other written as a Whitepaper for AXELOS. See Articles


UK Government formally launches its Project Delivery Standard. Hear interviews with lead author Robert Butttrick and download the standard.


PRINCE2 2017 launched; co-authored by Robert Buttrick; you can download a free copy of one of his chapters on tailoring.


See the Project Workout blog covering a wide range of project management topics.

Companion web site

Access the companion web site to the The Programme and Portfolio Workout and the 5th edition of The Project Workout, including interactive process model and downloadable supporting documentation.

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